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Connect with Your Audience Through Inspiring Visual Storytelling
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About Us

Maui HD is your Maui-based videographer. Formed in 2017, Maui HD is an operating division of WCEP LLC that specializes in ground-based videography in high-definition.

WCEP LLC provides computer support services to individuals and businesses through

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Editing a Movie


Let Maui HD assist you in getting your message out! 

Maui HD can assist you develop your message, provide video to support it and place it on social madia

If you have a complex message that you want to convey, you may want to consider an editorial video. 

Maui HD can assist you develop that message and produce the video to convey that message.

In real estate, having an "edge" in attracting potential buyers to the properties can make the difference between getting a sale or not. Video can be that edge.

Let your guests relax and enjoy your hospitality at your next event. They can put their phones away. They don't need to capture video if you retain Maui HD to provide video coverage of your next event.

Social Meda / Advertising

 Social Media / Advertising 

It does not take much to realize that getting your message out to your audience is dramatically different than before. Your grandparents and parents may not have heard of or used social media the way you and your children do! Let Maui HD assist you in developing your messaging and in getting it in front of your audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok!

Maui HD can also assist you with providing a consistent message on your website so that it resonates with those who found you on social media.

Maui HD Standard Social Media Subscription Package:

  •  Pre-Project planning meeting (complementary)

  • Up to 6 hours of social media messaging/website design work per month

  • Additional hours at standard rates

ONLY $500 per month

on an annual contract basis

(Hawaii GET not included)


Cost of advertising is additional.

Editorial Videos

In this media-oriented world, getting your message out should include video as a method. Maui HD will closely with you to effectively communicate your message to your desired audience.

Example short-form editorial video (Produced for Dust Consulting Services):

Maui HD "Entry Level" Editorial Video Package:

  • Pre-Project planning meeting (complementary)

  • Development of script (1 draft, 1 final – to a maximum of 4 hours)

  • Initial interview of “experts” – to be arranged by client

  • Assembly of “stock footage” to illustrate argument

  • Selection by client of bumper music from four recommended choices

  • Review edit of video (target length – 10 minutes)

  • Final edits of video (maximum length – 10 minutes)

  • Delivery of video in MP4 format on USB 3.0 flash drive

ONLY $500

(plus Hawaii GET)

​Possible upgrades:
Supplemental research to support your message
Custom-shot footage for argument illustratio

Editoral Video

Real Estate Video

The National Realtor Association in its survey of prospective real estate purchasers noted that 73% prefer realtors who have video presentations for the properties they are representing. The old adage of “a picture is worth a thousand words” is multiplied exponentially with video! Most high-end properties are showcased using video that clearly demonstrate the superb features of the property and its scenic setting.​

Maui HD "Entry Level" Real Estate Video Package:

  •  Pre-Project planning meeting (complementary)

  • Drone-based, ground-based and interior video recording to highlight the features of the property and its setting

  • Editing a video for review (maximum 2 minutes in duration)

  • Audio track from our extensive royalty-free audio library

  • Development of a final video reflecting your comments (maximum 60 seconds in duration) 

ONLY $500 (plus Hawaii GET)
​​This package price limited to 1 bedroom, 1 bath single-family residences with no site preparation or staging by Maui HD and no re-shooting of video.
Commercial pricing available
​ - contact us to prepare a proposal for your site. 

Real Estate
Rustic Table Setting

 Events / Weddings 

Let Maui HD preserve your memories of your special day or event. A once-in-a-lifetime occurrence deserves to be captured in vivid high-definition video.

We can prepare a video that captures the beautiful Maui setting and the joy of embarking on a loving life together. We can give you a lasting memory of the event that you will cherish for years to come.

Maui HD "Entry Level" Event Video Package:

  • Pre-Project planning meeting (complementary)

  • Video recording of the ceremony-only with a single camera and ambient sound to a maximum of one (1) hour in duration.

  • Editing to a review video not to exceed one-half (1/2) hour in duration.

  • Final edit of video based on your comments (to a final maximum duration of one-half hour)

  • ​Packaging of final video on DVD or Blu-Ray (one copy only).​

ONLY $500 (plus Hawaii GET)
​Frequently requested upgrades:
Additional camera​
Wired sound (sound system by others)
Coverage of preparation, reception and other wedding-related events


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